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GEO | News | 2001-09-29

General Education Online Resumes Full Operations

The Internet (2001-09-29)

The General Education Online Project has resumed full operations as of 09/29/2001 at 10:00 pm CDT. Development work will proceed for the planned official initial release of v2.00 of General Education Online during October 2001, in time for GEO's 6th anniversary on October 10th, 2001.

Some of our volunteers have not yet rejoined the GEO development team (delaying our resumption of full operations until now) and we have given these volunteers the opportunity to continue efforts to assist the victims of the September 11th tragedy in whatever manner they see fit. The best place to start, if you wish to help by giving a donation or blood, is to visit the Red Cross' website at, or to call your local Red Cross office.

Two GEO volunteers will continue to remain on extended leave from the project at least through next week, as they continue activities designed to provide additional support to the disaster recovery efforts underway in New York.

GEO will continue to post additional information as deemed necessary for as long as needed.

Due to the magnitude of this tragedy, we have decided to post our informational items related to it under the "press" directory, instead of on our news site so that graphics and content can be available for a wider audience.

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