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GEO | Awards and Miscellaneous

The sites listed below have been gracious enough to either make mention of General Education Online (GEO) in an article or to add a link to GEO on their website. Some sites have also given various awards to GEO, including and

I would like to take this opportunity to thank these sites for providing links to GEO--as a token of my appreciation, I will provide links to them here as I find them. While I am working on putting together this list, you can see a more complete list at Please note that many of the links on this search are pages within the website. If you know how to remove those links from the search, please contact me. This page on the site is currently in the process of being switched into the database. Please keep watching as entries continue to be made.

Please note that if a site is "mirrored", only the main mirror is listed.

  1. Allen D. Bell at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
  2. Big Eye -- Education Center - Colleges & Universities
  3. Big Eye -- Egypt
  4. Big Eye -- Web Surfing Section - Page 6
  5. Burma Study Abroad Website - Useful Education Links
  6. Canadian Association of Palynologists
  7. Chronicle of Higher Education - Finding A Job Overseas - 8/6/1999 (via
  8. Chronicle of Higher Education - Internet Resources (No Longer Active)
  9. Chronicle of Higher Education - Online Resources for Finding Work Abroad (Spotlight) (via
  11. Dr. T's
  12. John Hubbard
  13. - Schools Online Feature article
  15. Mehrzad Boroujerdi at Syracuse University
  16. NebraskAccess
  18. Santa Barbara County Education Office - Parents
  19. Simple End User Linux (SEUL) - Sponsor
  20. Slava Gerovitch
  21. - Jobs & Careers
  22. - Science, Art, On-Line Learning
  23. South Carolina Information Highway - Education Section
  24. United States - Department of Education - Office of Postsecondary Education
  25. University of Florida - College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  26. University of Tennessee - Faculty Senate

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